Visiting Fans In Cowboy Hats

In Smashville, we love our visiting fans. They come to town for a couple of days, stay at our hotels, buy tickets to the hockey games, eat at our restaurants, and shop at one of our fine western wear stores.

And then we make fun of them, because in a desperate attempt to fit in, they stick out like a sore thumb.

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That’s all, folks…

Thanks, Preds, for a really fun winter at the hockey barn.

Thanks, visiting fans, for looking stupid in your cowboy hats.

2012-13 is gonna be fun. I have some big plans for this blog. 

Until October…


Predators vs Coyotes - May 2, 2012

It’s difficult to snap photos of Coyotes Fans In Cowboy Hats when there are no Coyotes fans in the building.

I’m not certain there are any Coyotes fans…period.

See you Friday.

Au revoir, Ailes Rouges

Predators vs Red Wings - April 20, 2012 (Game 5)

I found one Visiting Fan In A Cowboy Hat tonight, but I didn’t even bother taking a photo. There were other priorities: being loud and cheering the Predators to a first-round series win over the Detroit Red Wings. 

Who’s next? Who knows… Whoever it is, I hope their fans wear cowboy hats to the games.

Predators vs Red Wings - April 13, 2012

In Game 2 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals, the Red Wings scored three goals en route to a win. They also provided us three cowboy hats. Enjoy.

Get The Red Out

Predators vs Red Wings - April 11, 2012

The Predators were mostly successful in “Getting The Red Out” of Bridgestone Arena, as that was (BY FAR) the fewest Red Wing fans I have ever seen at a game involving their team in our barn. The small spattering of red jerseys made it seem more like a mid-December tilt versus Calgary.

But, in a way, that disappoints us here at VFICH, because the cowboy hats stayed at home with the Wing fans.

So, we’ll just point you back to the last time the Wings were in town.

Oh, and how about those Preds? 1 down. 15 to go.

Predators vs Stars - April 5, 2012


Dallas is the one fan base we would accept—nay, expect—to wear cowboy hats to Bridgestone Arena. We are talking about Texas here, and Dallas’ most famous fictional resident almost always wore one.

However, there were none to be found tonight. 

So, we mess with Texas and present Visiting Fans NOT In Cowboy Hats. Because these are the odd Texans out…and, by most accounts, the only Stars fans who bothered to make the trek.

Predators vs Blackhawks - March 31, 2012 (PART TWO)

The hits just keep on coming…

Over the past couple of days, I have received even more VFICH photos from Saturday night! WOW! Thanks to readers Taylor, Ashley, Kathy, Marie, Ryan, and Melissa for these gems (as well as some duplicates that I didn’t post).

Chicago fans certainly didn’t disappoint.


Predators vs Blackhawks - March 31, 2012

I didn’t make it to tonight’s game, opting instead to milk some Chicago fan for nearly 4X the face value of my season tickets. So, thanks, whoever you were, for paying my part of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

There was a sea of red, and they didn’t disappoint. Many of them opted to appear on this site.

Thanks to site co-creator J.R. Lind, as well as readers Kathy, Zach, and Marie for submitting photos in my absence…and man, were there a lot of them.

Tuesday, Minnesota’s in town (I’ll be there for that one), but I don’t anticipate many ten-gallons. 

Predators AT Blackhawks - March 25, 2012
Umm… Well… Hmm……….
This is a visiting fan in a cowboy hat. 
Le sigh.
(Thanks to reader Ashley for the pic.)

Predators AT Blackhawks - March 25, 2012

Umm… Well… Hmm……….

This is a visiting fan in a cowboy hat. 

Le sigh.

(Thanks to reader Ashley for the pic.)

Predators vs Jets - March 24, 2012

There were a lot of visiting fans at The Wheelhouse tonight, but it was a straaaaange night to pick ‘em out. There were the obvious Jets fans, decked out in their current (and classic) Jets sweaters… but then, there were a LOT of folks in Atlanta Thrashers gear as well. Those were a little harder to decipher. Were they rooting for the Preds, or the Jets? Sitting in 303, there were a group of guys in Thrashers jerseys who were fervently on the side of the Preds… and over in 302 was a gaggle of Thrashers fans shouting (loudly) “Go Jets Go” all night. 

Anyway — the ATL folks apparently knew better than to wear cowboy hats in Nashville, but we did capture a couple of folks in Jets gear and cowboy hats, as seen above.

The next home game is next Saturday… against Chicago. Considering VFICH began as a result of seeing a Chicago fan in a cowboy hat on a Saturday night, I’m anticipating good things.